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Embedded Systems Technology

Our software services address the design needs, across the entire lifecycle of the products. We bring significant value to product manufacturers in architecting systems and deploying technologies in an embedded environment. We offer a range of innovative Embedded Systems Services. Our solutions enable you to achieve engineering excellence by embedding intelligence in your products. We have experience working on Real time, time critical application such as AUTOMOTIVE and Automation systems.

Our services include product conceptualization by PoC (Proof of Concepts), development to implementation covering a wide range of operating system be it desktop, embedded and/or RTOS.

We bring together teams and expertise for complete software and system development, which includes:

  • Device Driver / BSP Development
  • Image Capturing System
  • Battery Management System
  • Hardware Engineering Support

We have the following expertise:

Debuggers: TRACE32, P&E NEXUS debugger, J-Link for ARM controllers,

  • jlink
  • p&emicro
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Micro controller and processor families:

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Physical Layer protocols:

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Product Engineering Services

The Sloki has entered into product engineering support, which involves complete software support for “Go-To-Market” customers. Sloki will be responsible for the complete software starting from architecture to design to development and testing to maintenance. The trust that we have built with customer is the prime reason for the long term association. Such activities and our behaviour have opened many opportunities with the same customer to develop several turnkey solutions.


Product Engineering Support

Device Driver / BSP development

We are experts in board bring up which are based on any micro controller or microprocessor. We are capable andhave developed device drivers for peripherals on many controllers/processors such as:

ADC, PWM, GPIO, TIMERS, TPU (Time Processing Unit), Flash memory,
Communication drivers such as CAN, UART, I2C, SPI, USB, RF, Wireless, Bluetooth, ELM327 for OBD

We have extensively worked on different controller/processor platforms such as:

STM32, Renesas core, C167, ST10, ATMEL, Freescale’s MPC55xx, Freescale’s I.MX6 core.

In addition, we also develop device drivers for 8/16/32bits core such as POWER-PC, ARM & x86. We can implement and integrate device drivers for WinCE and Linux based operating system. We have expertise to design and develop our own custom Operating systems for hard real time system such as automotive powertrain applications based on Power PC controller. The deterministic approach is well calculated, designed and developed in the task scheduling, data acquiring, interrupts handling and memory management.

We have developed drivers for many flash memory chips. This has enabled us to design and develop boot loader for customer specific flash programming for automotive ECUs.

Image Capturing System

We the engineers of Sloki have gone one step ahead and are tapping doors of other embedded system solutions for medical applications. Here we aim to develop a system to assist the doctors such as Dermatologists to remotely capture the images of the patients scull and make qualitative and quantitative analysis.

The electronic product captures a high quality image of 5mega pixels resolution. The image sensor can be a MIPI or USB interface based device and has been interfaced to Freescale’s I.MX6 Dual core processor. We do  both video and still image compression and send them over WiFi for doctors to view them on their laptops or hand held devices.

Sloki also developed a Microsoft windows (C# .NET) and/or android based application will be installed on the end users system to control the image sensor movement, focus, video preview and still image capture. The application software helps to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis for a given patients with his images from previous sittings.



Battery Management System

We have developed a Battery Management System for Lead Acid batteries. BMS is an electronic device that manages rechargeable lead acid battery such as by protecting the battery from operating outside its Safe operating area, monitoring its state, reporting that data, controlling its environment and balancing cells. BMS includes well as for back charging and monitoring the State of health of battery. Applications of SLA for primary as up sources is increasing significantly.

Why Battery Management is required?

We have developed a Battery Management System for Lead Acid batteries. If a battery charger and monitoringSOC is not designed properly, it may result into:

  • Overcharging and can cause reduced battery life,
  • Overheating,
  • Emission of dangerous corrosive gases, sometime total destruction
Battery Charging algorithm

Best performance can be achieved by four states.

  • Trickle charge
  • Bulk charge
  • Over charge
  • Float charge

This method integrates the advantages of the constant current charge to quickly and safely recharge and equalize the lead-acid cells, with the constant voltage charge to perform controlled over-charge and to retain the battery’s full charge capacity in float mode applications. The carefully tailored charging procedure maximizes the capacity and life expectancy of the battery.


Hardware Engineering Support

We take complete responsibility of the end to end solution for the customer’s requirement. We have partnered with hardware design and manufacturing firms to cater to complete system solution. Our partnered services include:

  • Design of schematics
  • PCB designing
  • Six-sigma green belt methodologies for process improvement towards quality.
  • Troubleshooting of system