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Automotive Application Software Development

We at Sloki will understand the complete requirement of the customer and discuss the scope of the work during project initiation phase. Based on the customer’s needs, the Sloki uses its extensive experience in designingand developing the application software. We have been involved in developing application software for Automotive Power train application, European On-Board-Diagnostics (EOBD) and Protocol stack development for one of theEuropean diesel engine manufacturers, automated temperature controller for one of the University program, LED Lighting system solution for one of the Indian automotive electronics OEM.

While we develop software for any embedded systems, we follow MISRA coding guidelines to avoid any possible adverse effect and also to adhere to embedded system’s safety standards. We design a standard layered architecture for our systems to ensure easy portability from one platform to another, increases code reuse capability, application layer to be as low dependent as possible on the underlying platform.


Layered architecture

We have delivered following software components to our customers:

  • Porting of application software from 16bit controller platform to 32bit controller platform
  • Design of ECU Architecture
  • Protocol Stack development for automotive applications such as CAN, Flex ray, LIN
  • We also perform independent Integration and System testing
  • We design and develop following Automotive Specific Protocol:
    • ISO14229 (UDS),
    • ISO15765 (Diagnostics over CAN),
    • ISO15031 (EOBD),
    • ISO14230 (KWP2000 protocol over K-Line)
    • CCP (CAN Calibration Protocol),
    • J1939 Protocol stack,
    • J2534 with CAN Interfacing devices,
    • Customer specific diagnostic services,

We have developed tester diagnostics software for reporting health of the vehicle and also to let externaltester to know the on-board-diagnostics monitoring test results using Diagnostics Trouble Codes (DTCs).

Automotive LED Display System

Sloki has been into providing software development support for one of the product manufacturer of LED Destination display for bus or any other vehicles. The major roles is to bring out innovative solutions for an impressive LED display boards. The software includes development of core software, handling of communication messages for diagnostics and development of Master display controller for Route information selection and downloading to each of the slave display unit. The overall system synchronizes communication between single Master Control Unit (MCU) and multiple Display Control Units (DCU).

The project involved development of software on ARM Cortex M4 based controller along with LED display drivers. The entire communication was designed on RS485 bus. The system provides enough provision to monitor the health of the system through PIDs (Parameter IDs) and DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). These values can be monitored on a PC based diagnostic tool developed in C# .Net on Visual Studio.


Automotive Power Electronics Software

In order to control the high power rated actuators such as Solenoid valves, DC motors, Injection devices…etc., the microcontroller cannot drive them due to low voltage and current driving capability. Sloki’s team has worked on hardware component selection based on the customer’s requirement and best component availability in market. Our team has developed driver software to communicate to these driver chip to control the final actuators at high speed and accuracy. Another important aspect in such applications is the diagnostics of the power electronics circuit and actual load.



Block diagram for high side driver


Low Side Driver

Our diagnostic software would interact with Low side or High side driver ICs to gather diagnostic information of the load, which are listed below:

  • NORMAL operations
  • Shortcut to GROUND (SCG)
  • Shortcut to BATTERY (SCB)
  • Open load (No Load)


H-Bridge for motor / EGR throttle valve control

Automotive Powertrain (Engine Management Systems) Software

Automotive Powertrain (Engine Management Systems) Software

With the advancement of sensor and microcontroller technology as well as standardization of communication protocol, Electronics Control Units (ECUs) have become an integral part of any vehicle. These ECUs are commonly used to increase safety of the automobile, to improve driving comfort. Through our many years of experience in the automotive environment, we have acquired a profound knowledge about the practices of the automotive products and their processes. Sloki provides solutions to Tier 1 suppliers in all phases of the development cycle. Software engineering is a particularly important and often underestimated aspect of increasingly complex systems in the embedded technology as well as in software and system integration.

We have rich experience in Automotive Embedded Software development for hard real time applications such as engine management systems running with RTOS and also Microsoft windows based diagnostics tool development for tester diagnostics and flash programming.

Sloki has been involved in supporting software development to one of the reputed diesel engines manufacturers for marine, off-highway and military applications. They also manufacture ECU hardware for engine management operations. Sloki has been chosen a preferred supplier of embedded software for all hardware device driver development, middle layer implementation, configuration tool for middle ware and protocol stack development. We are also part of their Hardware-In-Loop test frame work development.


Powertrain ECU

Automated Testing

Our vast technical expertise in Embedded area and flexibility in learning new programming languages have created a new opportunity to setup Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) test frame work for our customer to test Engine Management Software. The HIL test setup comprises of plat model set up using National Instruments (NI) CAN and DAQ cards. We have developed C# .Net based COM (Component Object Model) based server to interact with Test client software. The Test client software is developed in PYTHON scripting language which talks to Test server to run test cases. The salient feature of the HIL setup are:

  • Automated test environment for quick and detailed regression testing.
  • Test COM server is developed in C# .NET
  • Tests are performed with NOSE unit test framework with several open source plugins.
  • A robust and user friendly automated test framework, the scalability feature of the framework is incredible.
  • The test frame work generates test plan and test report in XML and PDF formats. This saves significant
  • amount of time required to generate essential documentation.
  • Generation of Tagging and Traceability matrix.


Hardware-In-Loop test setup

Windows application software development

Sloki aims to provide end to end solution for Embedded systems by developing several windows based tools to interface with embedded boards for Diagnostics, Measurement, Calibration and Flash programming. Sloki has been involved in developing tester diagnostic software tool to interface over K-Line and/or CAN based over customer specific application layer protocol or standard UDS/KWP2000 protocols.

Sloki has pioneered to develop Windows based tools with Visual Studio C++, C# programming languages. We have developed several GUI application for our most of the embedded board based projects.