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Sloki Software Technologies is a Bangalore based company established in Feb 2011. The Sloki primarily works in the area of Software Services and Consultancy for Embedded Systems and Life Science technology.


Sloki has been into complete software solution in the field of embedded systems and Life Science technology. We are capable and have delivered many system solutions to our customers with several technical challenges. Sloki helps in developing and supporting product realization solutions for the complete product development life cycle both in embedded and life science software development.


We are capable to handle the projects from ideation till product realization and follow a standard process methodologies, project management skills and techniques. We are strict with creation of documentation and well-structured source code. Our engineers produce code which is readable, well commented, well documented. We are familiar with many programming languages & technologies such as C, Embedded C, C++, Dot NET framework, C# and Python. We picked up the best practices from these different languages and technical areas and embed them to the software we develop every day. We are a medium sized team of enthusiastic engineers with strong programming skills and diverse domain knowledge. We work with at most passion and efficiency to develop best software to our client with absolutely no compromise with quality.


DNA of Sloki

Sloki has software development expertise in 2 broad areas – Embedded Technology and Life Science Solutions. We have advanced skills in embedded technology for Automotive and other general purpose embedded applications. Our Life Science area covers Chemo-informatics, Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics solutions.

Company Philosophy
We value our employees, and we trust our company with them

•  We take care of our people, and we take responsibilities for their career achievement

We deliver maximum value with our products and services

•  Market is our only vision
•  We go above and beyond to bring about results and value
•  We appreciate long-term partnership, and we give our best to nurture and maintain our business relationships

We pursue a win-win result with uncompromising ethics

•  We believe in trust, respect, and absolute honesty in all relationships
•  We practice servant leadership
•  We build to last
•  We run lean; we do more with less

We work as a team

•  We believe that team comes first: think we, not I
•  We cultivate trust among each other
•  We communicate openly; everyone has a sense of ownership

We pursue excellency

•  We are proud of what we do
•  We are proud of our team and our company culture
•  We value creativity and initiative


How Sloki works?

Sloki approaches clients with a long-term perspective and we work inpartnership with them. Our approach to product development has alwaysbeen an end-to-end service offering, right from voice of customer stage to implementation to testing of any sized projects. Our involvement goes far beyond the actual delivery of software solutions and extends to product support and maintenance. This customer orientated approach at Sloki ensures that we partner our clients in their continued success. We can work together collaboratively to develop and nurture in future generations technology with high quality and cost effective mindset.

We follow a standard RDCT software development life cycle. However the approach can be custom tailored depending on the scope and stages of work that we are involved in.


Software Development Life Cycle

Quality Assurance at SLOKI

Since most of the cofounders of Sloki have come from automotive software industry, we provide at most importance to the safety and quality features. In order to ensure the quality, we adhere by following tools and techniques:

  • MISRA guidelines for coding.
  • Tagging and traceability matrix from Requirements phase to acceptance testing.
  • Six-sigma green belt methodologies for process improvement towards quality.
Business Working Models
Fixed Price Project

Sloki undertakes fixed price contracts in situations where the project scope/deliverables are clearly defined. Together we analyze and discuss your statement of work thoroughly in order to minimize midway changes and then undertake the activities to deliver all the components of your requirements at a fixed price.

Time and Material Contracts

This model establishes two rates – rate for engineer time (typically expressed as a rate per hour, workday or person-month) and the cost of direct materials used i.e. software, hardware components, development tools, lab and test equipment etc.
The T&M business model is particularly suitable in contexts where projects are complex and embodied by unclear specifications, or requires a very high degree freedom of system design changes at mid project stages. It is also suitable when:

  • Project involves new emerging technologies or R&D where project requirements keep evolving during execution.
  • Business process or workflows have not been defined properly.
  • Project requires integration with other third party environments or other dependencies.
  • Project involves developing solutions for new yet untested hardware or software components.
  • Project requires continuity with regard to support and enhancements (maintenance engineering or sustaining
Hybrid Model

Sloki offers “Hybrid Model” that allows a mix of fixed and T&M pricing. This provides customers with the best of two business models, allowing for a switch from one to the other based on the stage of the project, clarity in scope and deliverables.

Here is an example of where and how the Hybrid Model can be employed:

Customer wants to involve Sloki in a new product development activity where scope and integration challenges cannot not be clearly identified at the start of the project. In such cases, we can engage in a T&M model with a core team that works with the customer team to resolve scope, deliverables, approach and schedule. Once there is sufficient clarity on these parameters, Sloki then submits a fixed price for the rest of the project.








Mr. Hareesha Karunakar is a Founder of Sloki Software Technologies in Feb 2011. He started his career in 2002 and has over 14 years of Industry experience of which 10 years have been involved with product development and R & D activities at a global automotive product MNCs such as Robert Bosch India Limited and Honeywell Technologies. He has been playing multi-dimensional roles such as core technical development, mentoring, team management, project management has proved him to be a good entrepreneur.


Before establishing the company, he has gained extensive experience in Project Management, Firmware Design and Development, Protocol Stack Development with 8/16/32bit based ECU architectures.  He holds expertise in Embedded Software Development, Automotive Electronics, Wireless, Home Automation, Custom Electronic Design, Safety Critical Real Time Systems, Layered Firmware Architectures, Design Services for Medical and Pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers.


He holds a Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics and communication from Visvesvaraya Technological University in year 2002.